WYSIWASH 9-pack Jacketed Caplets

SKU: WYS-117
  • A highly compressed calcium hypochlorite capsule that designed to be used with  Wysiwash Sanitizing instruments
  • Releases USDA-approved chlorine levels and an EPA-approved sanitizing solution when dispensed
  • Each caplet can be used for a total of 3.5 hours sanitizing when drained between uses  
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WYSIWASH 9-pack Jacketed Caplets


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Detailed Description

Powerful Virucidal, Bactericidal & Fungicidal

Wysiwash Jacketed Caplets are made of a condensed chlorine compound that’s packed into a protective plastic coating for easy handling. Simply insert a Jacketed Caplet, with the plastic sleeve on, into your Sanitizer-V or Sanitizer Pro and spray the germs away. One Jacketed Caplet insert can provide up to 3.5 total hours of consistent sanitation spray, all at once or by reuse. Whether you need to sanitize concrete, metal, plastic, artificial turf, gravel, or wood, Wysiwash’s environmentally-friendly solution won’t cause corrosion. 

An Affordable & Effective Bleach Alternative

Using Wysiwash Jacketed Caplets (a calcium hypochlorite solution), rather than sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach), is the most effective and economical way to sanitize and disinfect. A bucket of our 9-Pack Jacketed Caplets is equivalent to approximately 45 gallons of bleach - making the Wysiwash caplets an exceptional value at less than a penny per gallon mixed!


Use on litter boxes, intake counters, cages/kennels, scales, and more! Effective against parvo, FHV, canine influenza, and many more.


Disinfect door knobs, sinks, toilets, and other high traffic areas. Stop mold growth and prevent future growth.

Food & Beverage

Sanitizes 99.999% of bacteria in 1 minute, ensuring food safety! Use on cutting boards, counter tops, and more!


Sanitize equipment on dairy, poultry, and swine farms, as well as meat and egg processing plants.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredient in the Wysiwash Jacketed Caplets is calcium hypochlorite (a compound made from chlorine, calcium, and oxygen). Calcium hypochlorite is commonly used in public swimming pools and to disinfect drinking water. Chlorine occurs naturally in soil, and is one of the most abundant chemical elements on Earth. Any organic or inorganic salt contains chlorine.

Kill Claims

The active ingredients in Wysiwash’s Jacketed Caplets solution has been shown in numerous tests to be effective against:

  • MRSA
  • E. COLI


5 out of 5 stars
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Great Product

We use this daily at our animal center. System is easy to use and effective.

Charissa P

April 13, 2020

Cleaning has never been easier!

We use the Wysiwash system daily for our animal shelter. The jacketed caplets make refills an ease as well as make sure we are actually getting everything clean. Love this system.

April 9, 2020


We have used this product since opening our kennel in 2009. It is amazing, a must for all kennel. Sanitizes plus leaves a clean, fresh smell in the kennel.

JeanAnn C

April 9, 2020


I love this product!

July 22, 2019

Easy to use

So easy to use and leaves kennels smelling fresh (not like chemicals).

July 21, 2019
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Wysiwash saved my kennel

I raise and show Siberian Huskies. My son bought a puppy elsewhere and brought it over often to play with ours. Everyone started getting extremely bad diarrhea. Turns out the puppy who tested clear of parasites and giardia at the breeders vet was not clear of giardia. Thanks to Wysiwash I was able to eradicate giardia from my kennels and allow my dogs to get their health back sooner then without your product.

July 8, 2019

Jacketed caplets

VERY easy to use , lasts a long time because of the plastic jacket. Easy to putinto the wysiwash also

Debra N

June 27, 2019

Simply, it works.

I have two dogs and a small artificial turf lawn. After having tried a dozen different products to get rid of the smell, I found Wysiwash. The jacketed caplets are very easy to store and use, and last a long time. Once it's dry, there's no smell, doggy or otherwise, at all!

June 21, 2019

A Must For Kennels

We have been using Wysiwash since 2007. Great product that makes cleaning the kennel a breeze. We also use in our whelp building before, during and after pups are whelped, never a problem. Makes cleaning the whelp box easy.

Michael S

June 21, 2019

Love the Convenience

Love this product so very much! This container is easy to store and easy to get in to. Keeps the moisture away from the jacket pellets.💜

June 17, 2019

Easy to use and works great

This is very easy to use.. I love that is is safer to use than bleach, and love that I don't have to measure or mix anything. Just hooked up, turned on the water and out came the magic!

Joel R

July 1, 2014


Step 1: Unscrew the Caplet Container from the Hydro Body (top of the Wysiwash Sanitizer-V and Sanitizer Pro).

Step 2: Place caplet inside the Caplet Container. Do not remove the plastic jacket. If the plastic jacket has been removed or damaged, dispose of the caplet. 

Note: We recommend you wear gloves when handling the Jacketed Caplets. While the Wysiwash solution does not irritate skin, in its solid, concentrated form it can irritate eyes and skin.

Step 3: Secure the Hydro Body (top piece) to the Caplet Container. Tighten until snug, but do not over-tighten.

For more information, see the full directions for the Wysiwash Sanitizer-V and Sanitizer Pro.