Wysiwash Poly-Tough Adjustable Nozzle

SKU: WYS-120
  • Full-Range Spraying
  • Superior Misting Mode
  • Corrosion-Free
  • Simple to Remove Mineral Buildup 
Wysiwash Poly-Tough Adjustable Nozzle


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Detailed Description

This corrosion-free nozzle is manufactured with high-grade copolyester (polymer) that is tough, BPA-free, BPS-free, EA-free, and AA-free. We have infused our new nozzle with polycarbonate (bullet-proof glass material) into the copolyester blend to further strengthen the nozzle. Its misting mode is the best misting nozzle that we have tested, which creates a very large and consistent spray cone. This nozzle is perfect for consistently covering large areas with Wysiwash sanitizing spray. The Poly-Tough Adjustable Nozzle is completely chemical resistant and simple to remove mineral buildup.


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