When you need to sanitize hundreds of square feet, you need the Wysiwash Sanitizing System. The only system that makes sanitizing large areas as easy as hosing them down.

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Cut Costs, Save Time

The Wysiwash Sanitizing System streamlines your sanitation protocols and cuts costs. The Wysiwash Sanitizer-V is is a precisely calibrated sanitizing and disinfecting instrument that delivers safe, accurate concentrations of chlorine-based sanitizer. It saves time by eliminating batch mixing, rinsing, and pre-wetting. With Wysiwash, you can sanitize, deodorize, and neutralize mold with one product and one step.

  • Kills Bacteria
  • Kills Viruses
  • Controls Mold & Algae

Wysiwash is an eco-friendly

alternative for sanitation

Chlorine (the active ingredient in Wysiwash) is one of the most abundant elements on Earth, occurring naturally in soil and salts. Wysiwash’s dispensing system allows chlorine to be delivered in a safe ratio and unlike bleach, it contains no caustic additives that harm the environment.


Saves Water

Plant Safe


Wysiwash can be used on a variety of surfaces including tile, cement, painted wood, metals,* and plastics. Because it is effective on a variety of surfaces many gyms, apartment complexes, and correctional facilities use Wysiwash to prevent the spread of MRSA and other pathogens.

  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Artificial Turf
  • Gravel
  • Wood
* Do not spray Wysiwash on copper or brass. For other metals, Wysiwash will affect metal like regular water, if the Wysiwash unit is drained and used according to directions.

We have been using the products to clean our aquatic center and they work great. We use the Wysiwash to clean floors, bathroom, and deck chairs. Megan M.

Banish Bad Smells

Few deodorants can cut through the smell of fish, but Wysiwash is used in fish markets all over the country because it eliminates odors as it disinfects. Wysiwash leaves the area with a fresh scent and our users say that it is a welcome change from the caustic smells of traditional disinfectants.

Love the fresh smell! One tablet lasts a very long time. Quality product that is well worth the investment!

L.J. Perry

Amazon 5 Star Review

Long Lasting Caplets

Wysiwash Jacketed Caplets last for over 3 hours of spray time when the system properly drained and stored. This brings Wysiwash’s cost per mixed gallon of sanitizer down to $0.01 per gallon—1/10th the price of household bleach!


Wysiwash's versatility and strength as a sanitizer, deodorizer, and fungicide, make it a must have across industries.


Use Wysiwash on concrete, patio furniture, and siding to prevent mold without damaging your landscaping. Deodorize artificial turf with Wysiwash so you and your pets can keep enjoying the yard.

Food & Beverage

From breweries to butcher shops, factories to fish shops, Wysiwash is trusted to sanitize food and beverage processing equipment.

Pools & Patio

Prevent mold and mildew from growing on your pool deck and furniture. Eco-friendly Wysiwash inhibits mold and algae growth without damaging surfaces and plants or destabilizing pool pH.


Wysiwash is perfect for sanitizing outdoor bathrooms, changing areas, shower rooms, and any other large, high traffic area. Use Wysiwash on dumpsters and trash cans so they don’t smell “like garbage.”

Day Cares & Schools

Improve attendance and keep your students healthy. Spray down playground equipment, locker rooms and other athletic facilities with Wysiwash to prevent cold and flu viruses from spreading.

Disaster & Flood Relief

Flood water contains many dangerous contaminants from fecal bacteria, to toxic mold spores. When the flood water recedes, use Wysiwash to sanitize and prevent mold.

Cut Costs, Save Time

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