Wysiwash Removes the Smell

of Pet Urine on Artificial Turf Easily & Affordably

When you have pets and artificial turf, things can get… stinky.

Keep your artificial grass smelling clean and fresh with the Wysiwash Sanitizing System. Wysiwash is a powerful, eco-friendly deodorizer that removes the smells left behind by pet urine and feces on artificial grass in just one step.

Enjoy your yard again! In just minutes, you can spray down your entire yard with the Wysiwash Sanitizing System. Wysiwash will kill the bacteria that is causing odor, stopping the smell at the source.

This is your turf, enjoy it.

“Excellent! Good investment. I just installed artificial grass in my yards. Dogs have access to both. Wysiwash was recommended to maintain and sanitize. I thought it was pricey at first. I tried other products, but quickly did the math and Wysiwash worked, and the cost was less than other products.”

Jim   Five Star Review on Gun Dog Supply


vs Other Turf Deodorizers

 Three Hours of Deodorizing Per Caplet

Many other products require you to mix them and use them right away. Use it or lose it. Not Wysiwash. Each Wysiwash Jacketed Caplet lasts for 3.5 hours of spraying total. Best of all, there’s no need to use it all at once. Just drain and store until you need to use it again.

  Always Effective, No Matter the Weather

Enzyme-based deodorizers are susceptible to a variety of environmental factors that reduce their effectiveness. Wysiwash effectively eliminates odor no matter what the weather is like.

 Save Water, Save Steps

Other turf deodorizers require you to saturate the turf before use, wasting water. With Wysiwash, all you have to do is hose down your turf with Wysiwash and the smell is gone. No need to rinse or pre-wet, saving water and cutting your utility bill.

 Prevent the Spread of Disease & Deodorize with One Product

By killing the disease-causing pathogens in pet waste, Wysiwash also prevents the spread of disease among the animal population. Effective against canine parvovirus, Wysiwash is a must-have for dog parks and those with multiple pets.

  Multi-Purpose & Multi-Surface

In addition to killing germs and odors, Wysiwash prevents mold, mildew and algae! Use it on your patio, vinyl siding, and pool decks to prevent mildew, and keep your outdoor space looking flawless.

  It’s Cool to Use By Your Pool

Wysiwash has a neutral pH, so it won't destabilize your pool. Use it to keep those pool decks looking fresh!

Cost Effective

Not only is Wysiwash safe and easy to use, Wysiwash's concentrated formula offers incredible value.

Compare to other turf cleaners and see the savings:

Wysiwash >$0.01 per mixed gallon
Household Bleach $0.09 per mixed gallon
Envirocide $0.51 per mixed gallon
BioTurf$1.56 per mixed gallon
Trail Instant Odor Control$1.56 per mixed gallon



Plant Safe & Biodegradable

Artificial Turf Deodorizer

Wysiwash is eco-friendly and safe to use around children, pets, and plants. It is biodegradable and won’t damage your trees or plants.




“This product is absolutely amazing! We have been looking for a product to keep our turf clean and to take the smell away. This product is a dream come true! It works perfectly. There is zero smell! I wish we would have found it 2 years ago. The system is super easy to use and the product goes a long way.

Hands down- worth every penny!”

Five Star Review on Amazon

How to Use Wysiwash

to Deodorize Artificial Turf

  1. Pick up solid waste.
  2. Connect your hose to your Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro or Sanitizer
  3. Spray down your yard, focusing on areas where the smell is worst.
  4. Drain your Wysiwash Sanitizer.
  5. That’s it! There’s no need to rinse. Just wait until any pools of Wysiwash are dry and you can enjoy your turf.

Learn more about using Wysiwash and how often to use it here.

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