As an SPCA Cruelty Investigator for over 30 years, I know the importance of proper cleaning in ANY establishment housing domestic and wild animals. This product is by far the easiest, most efficient, and user friendly product of this type I have ever used.

Phil Greene

A Livesafer in Animal Care

When healthy, happy animals is your top priority, Wysiwash is there to help. Trusted by animal care professionals across the US, the EPA approved Wysiwash Sanitizing System kills viruses and bacteria, deodorizes, and neutralizes mold all in one step.

Whether you’re an animal shelter, boarding kennel, breeder, doggy day care, or just an animal enthusiast, Wysiwash can keep your animals healthy.

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Effective Against Parvovirus

In tests by the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee, Wysiwash was able to sanitize both enveloped viruses and nonenveloped viruses.

Enveloped viruses (feline herpesvirus, influenza, and HIV) are relatively easy to inactivate—most soaps will render them non-infectious. However, nonenveloped viruses such as feline calicivirus and canine parvovirus are hardier.

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PAW-sitively Safe for Animals, People, & the Planet

No Batch Mixing

Reduce the risk of chemical burns to employees by switching to a no mix solution


No burnt paw pads here. Wysiwash's solution is non-irritating, for humans and animals.

Clean & Green

Wysiwash is biodegradable, saves water, and is plant safe-all while effectively sanitizing.

Great for controlling viruses and disease in our kennels. Easy to set up and actually saves water.

Odessa Humane Society

Consistent Sanitation

Wysiwash does the mixing for you—ensuring your sanitizer is mixed properly. When you turn on the Wysiwash Sanitizer-V, it begins mixing a safe, effective sanitizing solution. As water passes through the Sanitizer-V, the Wysiwash Jacketed Caplet is eroded, mixing with water to create the sanitizing solution.

Traditional sanitizers and disinfectants require batch mixing, which is open to human error. Solutions mixed too strong can cause chemical burns to people and animal, and corrode equipment. Solutions mixed too weakly may not effectively sanitize, putting animals at risk. Plus, the act of mixing concentrated chemicals puts staff at risk of injury.

After testing Wysiwash at different PSIs and with the Wysiwash Jacketed Caplets at different levels of use, Blackburn MicroTech Solutions concludes, “The Wysiwash system dispenses a consistent product at high and low flow rates, and delivers a consistent product with new and old cartridges.”

Unlike other sanitizers and disinfectants that become diluted as they are applied, Wysiwash delivers a constant stream of fresh, unadulterated sanitizer. This constantly refreshed sanitizer means Wysiwash is always sanitizing at maximum effectiveness.

We switched to this product approximately a year ago. We had been using a much more expensive product and were still having multiple issues. Since switching to Wysiwash, we are having far less respiratory problems in the kennels, the cleaning time has been cut in half and the odor control is considerably better! Love this product!!! Kim W.

We have a dog hotel and repeatedly clients remark how good it smells and that it doesn't smell like a kennel. (Exactly what we strive for!) I would definitely recommend this!!!

L. Taylor

Amazon 5 Star Review

Odor Control-Why Does It Matter

Time after time, customers tell us that visitors to their kennels comment on the lack of smell. For both animal shelters, and doggy daycares/boarding kennels, having a fresh smell encourages repeat visits.

Multi-Surface Uses

With Wysiwash, you can sanitize your whole facility with one product.

Use Wysiwash to sanitize and deodorize on:
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Artificial Turf
  • Gravel
  • Wood

We had over 1000 dogs in and out of our shelter last year. This is the only product we'll use in our shelter. It is fantastic!!! Sierra's Haven From OH

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