WYSIWASH Sanitizer Pro V Conversion Kit

SKU: WYS-212

Upgrade your Sanitizer Pro or your Sanitizer V to the best of both worlds: the Sanitizer Pro V! With our latest Conversion Kit, you can easily level up your sanitizing system to our new and improved model. The Sanitizer Pro V combines the sturdy, industrial grade connectors and valve with ease of use for switching between the Wysiwash sanitizing solution and a freshwater attachment of your choice.

WYSIWASH Sanitizer Pro V Conversion Kit


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Detailed Description

Do you already have a previous model of the Wysiwash Sanitizing System? This Conversion Kit includes everything you need to upgrade to the Sanitizer Pro V! 

All you need to do is switch out the connectors, and swap out your old flow control and nozzle, and your Pro V is ready to go. 

  • Includes:
    Sanitizer Pro V Control Valve
    Sanitizer Pro V Hydro Body Connector
    Sanitizer Pro Female Quick Connector
    Sanitizer Pro Male Quick Connector
    Nickel-Plated Nozzle
    Wysiwash Owner’s Manual
    1-year guarantee


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