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  • April 10 2019 | Guides

    The Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro is Now Available!

    The new Sanitizer Pro is Wysiwash's first sanitizing system with the professional user in mind. Whether you are a kennel owner, turf manager, janitorial engineer, or just demand the best of your cleaning products, the Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro was made for you. With added functionality, increased performance, and improved durability the Pro is made to tackle tough jobs and large surface areas.

  • April 2 2019 | Guides

    Why Did We Make the Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro?

    For years we’ve asked for the opinions of our professional customer base and for years we’ve received positive reinforcement of our sanitizing system, the Sanitizer V. 

    However, every once in a while we’d get an email or phone call that started like this:


  • November 1 2018 | Home & Pool

    Getting Rid of Mold After a Pipe Leaks

    Mold. It's not fun to have and it's even less fun to clean up. Mold relies on moisture to survive, so often cleaning it is not enough. If you have a sudden outbreak of it, you need to find where the moisture is coming from—whether it's a burst pipe, a slow leak, flooding,...