Wysiwash Gives Back

We founded Wysiwash out of a desire to the save the lives of people and animals through an eco-friendly, economical disinfectant. Wysiwash works with animal care organizations locally and nationally to improve the quality of care for thousands animals.

The Wysiwash Wellness Grant

In 2016, Wysiwash approached the Association of Shelter Veterinarians about starting a new grant program to improve shelter health, creating the Wysiwash Wellness Grant.

The Wysiwash Wellness Grant provides funds for animal shelters to take on new projects that prevent the spread of disease. After receiving applications from shelters and animal rescues all over the country, the ASV selected projects Helping Animals of Warren County and the Niagara County SPCA.

In New York, the Niagara County SPCA added doors between cat cages, effectively doubling each cat's living space. They based this project on new research that indicates larger living areas reduce stress and the rate of respiratory illness in shelter cats. In Tennessee, Helping Animals of Warren County used the Wysiwash Wellness Grant to build a dedicated quarantine area. The quarantine area allows staff to better care for sick animals and take new measures to prevent illness from spreading.

Friends of Wysiwash Give Away

Inspired by his mother's passion for saving animals, Ken Hungerford, Wysiwash co-founder, has been working with animal care agencies for more than 30 years. To help shelters in their efforts to care for their animals, he initiated the Friends of Wysiwash Giveaway. Several times each year, we give away a Wysiwash system to an animal shelter. Past winners include, Furrgotten Friends Dog Rescue, Glenpool Animal Control & Shelter and On My Way Home Rescue. Like us on Facebook to get alerts to future giveaways.