Storm Recovery

After a flood, the first focus should be on stopping mold from growing indoors. However, if outdoor mold is left unchecked it can move inside. Wysiwash is ideal for treating mold outdoors because it is non-toxic to the environment, and does not damage plants or landscaping.

Though it's counterintuitive to spray liquid onto something that is at risk of mold due to flooding, Wysiwash's concentration is strong enough to “kill" the microscopic mold spores. Wysiwash eliminates mold in mild cases and prevents mold from coming back after severe outbreaks.

Outdoor areas susceptible to mold:

  • Porches
  • Roofs
  • Patios
  • Sheds

Additionally, Wysiwash is a disinfectant and can be used to sanitize areas where raw sewage was released into the flood waters.

How to Use Wysiwash to Remove and Prevent Mold

  1. Make sure there is proper drainage. If the area is consistently damp, treating the mold problem will take longer.
  2. Be safe. Use proper protective gear including face masks and protective eyewear during the treatments. If the mold problem is severe, don't let your children play in the area until after it has been effectively treated.
  3. Assess how bad your mold problem is. Wysiwash will deliver the quickest results on a milder cases of mold. If your mold/algae problem is mild, Wysiwash alone will effectively eliminate the problem after continued use. For thicker mold, first apply bleach, yes, regular household bleach, to “burn" through the mold/algae. After allowing the bleach to set for 10 minutes, use Wysiwash to rinse it off.
  4. After an initial treatment, we recommend removing any leaves, twigs or other organic matter. Damp leaves and sticks are mold magnets.
  5. No matter how severe or mild your case of mold is, begin by using Wysiwash daily. Once the mold problem is gone, you can cut back to applying every other day.
  6. Experiment with how often you need to apply it. Humidity and other environmental factors make some climates more susceptible to mold than others. Most of customers find a sweet spot of applying Wysiwash from once a week to every other day. See what works for you.

Other Tips

  • Be sure to inspect your roof after severe rains to ensure that there are no leaks or mold. If mold is growing on your roof, use Wysiwash to treat it using the same steps as above.
  • If the area or object isn't completely dry already, be sure to spray heavily the first time to ensure that the calcium hypochlorite maintains proper strength. Then follow the steps above, paying extra attention to drainage.

If you ever want to troubleshoot or have questions about specific applications, please feel free to call us at (866) 627-6284.