Quick Start Guide: How to Use Wysiwash

We spent years perfecting this design to create a safer, eco-friendly system for sanitizing large areas. Watch our quick Start Video get up to speed on how to correctly use Wysiwash. We want you to get the most out of Wysiwash, so check out this guide and share it with your staff.

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Common Issues

Build Up

If the Sanitizer-V has spots of calcium on it or seems clogged, give it a bath! Simply remove the caplet from unit and store in safe, plastic container to dry. Open the valve. Leave the caplet container disconnected from the rest of the Sanitizer-V, then soak the unit in white vinegar overnight (8 - 14 hours). To maximize the life of your unit, soak the unit monthly.

Sometimes people will call this "corrosion" but it's just built up calcium.


At it's sanitizing concentration, Wysiwash does not stain. After speaking with many customers, even visiting and watching their protocols, we can confidently say that most stains can be avoided with proper protocols.

The most common cause of staining is skipping draining. Draining should be done every time you use Wysiwash. Be careful while disconnecting the Sanitizer-V from the hose and take caution to avoid the solution that drains out.

If staining occurs when Wysiwash is first started, find an area where splashing is unlikely to occur and prime Wysiwash for 60 seconds before continuing with normal sanitizing procedure.

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