Quick Start Guide: How to Use the New Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro

The new Sanitizer Pro is Wysiwash's first sanitizing system with the professional user in mind. Whether you are a kennel owner, turf manager, janitorial engineer, or just demand the best of your cleaning products, the Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro was made for you.

This guide will help you set up your new Sanitizer Pro, plus tips on how to use and maintain it.

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Step 1. Turn your hose on (water will not be released until you press the trigger of the Sanitizer Pro).

Step 2: Select the desired pressure by turning the Pressure Lever (Part H). You can also adjust the pressure while spraying.

Off: Turned down.

Medium Pressure: Turn half-way

Full Pressure: Pointing Upwards.

Step 3: Press the trigger (Part K) to start sanitizing. The trigger will lock automatically.

To adjust the spray from fan to jet, us the adjustable nozzle (Part H).

Step 4: To release the trigger, push the Trigger Release Button (Part J).

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