The Answer To All Your Sanitizing, Disinfecting, & Deodorizing Needs - EPA Approved

Ditch all the harsh stabilizers and additives that come in liquid detergent sanitizers. Make the switch to EfferSan tablets! Proven to kill odor and bacteria at the source, EfferSan provides long-lasting results after just 1 wash! 

CONFIRMED APRIL 2020: EfferSan has been tested and proven to kill SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) with a 5 minute contact time! Learn more here.

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Say Goodbye to Smelly Laundry For Good!

Your towels are meant to soak up trace amounts of water. In the same way, clothes tend to absorb sweat. Over time, water is almost guaranteed to get trapped in these materials. This causes bacteria growth to form, which produces a pretty gross musty smell - yuck!

Why does EfferSan get rid of smells that washing leaves behind?

Laundry detergents are made up of cleaning solutions meant to break down dirt, but the majority of name brand detergents don't contain sanitizers.

In order to get the smell out of your laundry, you need a solution that will kill the bacteria that is living in the material. EfferSan is EPA-registered to kill fungi, bacteria, and even viruses. After just 1 washing cycle with EfferSan, your laundry will be smelling brand new!

Deodorize Fabrics

Effersan is perfect for getting smells out of blankets and towels. Use on whites or colors.

Laundry Function Tablets needed
HE Load Cleaning 1 tablet to detergent dispenser
Regular Load Cleaning 1 tablet to pre-filled washer.
Let set 2 minutes then add

Prevent Mold and Algae

Effersan neutralizes the spores that cause mold and algae to grow, which treats the root of the problem. To treat mold or algae, simply spray Effersan, allow the surface to dry, then repeat.

Deodorize Surfaces

Effersan eliminates odors by killing the germs that cause them. Users say that Effersan is powerful enough to get rid of the stench that dumpsters and trashcans develop in the summer.

What Makes Effersan Different?

No Additives or Stabilizers

Effersan's active ingredients is within the chlorine family, however Effersan is formulated as a pure sanitizing and disinfecting agent. Unlike liquid bleach and other conventional cleaning products, Effersan has no additives or stabilizers, which makes it safer for people, pets, and the environment.

Unscented Disinfectant Spray

EfferSan Effervescent Tablets contain no added scents or perfumes, perfect for sensitive noses. 

Powerful Deodorizing

Like Wysiwash, Effersan deodorizes by killing the odor causing germs, not covering up the smells. Say goodbye to stinky garbage cans, and litter boxes!


80 tablets makes 80 quart-sized bottles of disinfectant solution ($1.01/bottle) and 960 quart-sized bottles of sanitizer ($0.09/bottle)

Environmentally Friendly Concentrated Formula

When you buy conventional cleaning products, you're paying for a lot water. Concentrated cleaning products are more efficient to ship, reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to ship. Like Wysiwash, Effersan is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

"Peace of mind when using Effersan for sanitizing and deodorizing. I will be reordering this product." - 5-Star Review by Anonymous 

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Effersan sanitizes 99.9% of bacteria on contact -at only $0.09 per bottle. Switch for a safe and affordable alternative to traditional spray bottle sanitizers and disinfectants.