EfferSan Guide: Instructions and Recommended Applications

One Tiny Tablet, So Many Uses

EfferSan is an extremely affordable and versatile product—you can use it to sanitize, disinfect, deodorize, and to treat water, sewage, mold, and algae. Trusted by farmers, food and beverage pros, veterinarians, and many others, you can count on EPA-registered EfferSan to protect the people and animals in your life.

Using EfferSan is simple, and there are so many ways to use it. Check out our EfferSan Usage Guide and start today!

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Spa & Tub


Add 4 ppm available chlorine (refer to Dilution Chart). Using an appropriate test kit, test and adjust the water to the following values: pH: 7.2 - 7.8; total alkalinity: 60 - 100 ppm; calcium hardness: 200 ppm, minimum. Maintain these conditions for proper spa and hot tub operation by frequent testing with a test kit. Do not allow cyanuric acid level to exceed 150 ppm.

It is recommended that spas and hot tubs be drained every 60 - 90 days, more often under heavy use. Consult manufacturer's recommendations concerning the compatibility of chlorine sanitizers with their equipment. Some oils, lotions, fragrances, cleansers, etc., may cause foaming or cloudy water and may react with chlorine sanitizers, reducing their efficacy. Reentry into treated spas/hot tubs is prohibited above levels of 3 ppm chlorine.

Start-Up (Freshly Filled)

Turn on the circulation system and ensure that it is operating properly.

Add 4 ppm available chlorine (refer to Dilution Chart). Check the free available chlorine (FAC) level and, if below 4 - 5 ppm, repeat as needed.

Regular Use: Turn on the circulation system and ensure that it is operating properly. Add 4 ppm available chlorine to the water. Test for FAC and add additoinal product, if necessary, to attain 4 - 5 ppm FAC. Maintain 1 - 3 ppm FAC while the spa or hot tub is in use. After each use, shock treat with 10 ppm available chlorine to control odors and algae. Repeat as needed. Spa or hot tub should not be entered until FAC reaches 1 - 3 ppm. Extended Non-Use Period. During extended periods when the spa or hot tub is not being used, with the circulation system running, add 4 ppm available chlorine twice a week or as needed to maintain 1 - 3 ppm FAC.

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