EfferSan Guide: Instructions and Recommended Applications

One Tiny Tablet, So Many Uses

EfferSan is an extremely affordable and versatile product—you can use it to sanitize, disinfect, deodorize, and to treat water, sewage, mold, and algae. Trusted by farmers, food and beverage pros, veterinarians, and many others, you can count on EPA-registered EfferSan to protect the people and animals in your life.

Using EfferSan is simple, and there are so many ways to use it. Check out our EfferSan Usage Guide and start today!

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Sanitizing with EfferSan

EfferSan packs a punch when it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting, but has far greater benefits than a bleach alternative. For starters, it's mild, non-irritating, and highly effective in eliminating and controlling odors. Unlike bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals, EfferSan has a neutral ph desirable for animal and user safety.

How to Use EfferSan to Sanitize:

  1. Fill a 3-gallon container with potable water.
  2. Drop in 1 tablet of EfferSan.
  3. Allow the tablet to dissolve.
  4. Spray EfferSan on the area you want to sanitize.
  5. No rinse needed. Allow EfferSan to air dry or sit for 1 minute before wiping dry. EfferSan sanitizes 99.999% of bacteria in 1 minute.
  6. Date the container: EfferSan has a two week shelf life


Avoid keeping EfferSan in direct sunlight. When not in use, store in a dark area, such as a cabinet or in a light fast container.


Container Size Function Tablets needed
3 Gallons Sanitize 1 Tablet
10 Gallons Sanitize 3 Tablets
40 Gallons Sanitize 12 Tablet

Note: Avoid keeping EfferSan in direct sunlight. When not in use, store in a dark area, such as a cabinet.

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