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Product Cost Per Mixed Gallon
Wysiwash >$0.01
Household Bleach $0.09
Dakil $0.10
Lemon-256 $0.10
DC&R Disinfectant $0.11
Maxima 12B $0.14
ProZema Plus $0.18
Chlorhexidine $0.19
Synphenol-3 $0.33
Roccal-D Plus $0.37
Therapet Lemon Yellow $0.41
Envirocide $0.51
Trifectant Powder $0.68
Nolvasan Solution $0.69
Nolvasan-S $0.73
KenCare $0.78
Quatricide $0.94
Trail Instant Odor Control $1.56
Rescue (formerly Accel) $1.40-$2.80
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