Oct 30, 2018

The Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner Is a Fizzy Tablet?!

Pull up a list of the “best all purpose cleaners” and no doubt you will be provided an ever changing list of companies with names like Method, Honest, Simple Green, Lysol, Clorox, Better Life, Green Works, and Mr. Clean. These companies spend millions of dollars every year to capture your attention and, while we agree that some of them make a great product, we’re just not convinced that they are the BEST.

We’ve created this article to explain why we believe that EfferSan is not only an excellent all purpose cleaner but, quite possibly, the best natural all purpose sanitizer and disinfectant in the market today.

Clean vs. Disinfect vs. Sanitize

To begin, it’s important that we get our terms straight. Cleaners, sanitizers, and disinfectants are not created equal. According to the CDC these terms should be separated based on their relationship with the germs they target. The CDC categorizes them as the following:

  • Cleaning simply removes germs and other impurities such as dirt and organic matter from surfaces. This is done by combining a detergent (such as soap) and water to clean the surface. This does not necessarily kill germs but may reduce their numbers and consequently, their risk.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting kill germs. The difference is a question of degree:
    • Disinfecting lowers 99.999% of germs on hard, non-porous surfaces or objects. Soft, porous surfaces like fabric or carpet cannot be disinfected. Only sanitized.
    • Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on a hard surface by 99.9% (food grade sanitizers like EfferSan do it in 60 seconds or less). This can be done by either cleaning or disinfecting the surfaces and, as such, cleaners and disinfectants are often also marketed as sanitizers.

Sanitizing and disinfecting may—but doesn’t necessarily—clean dirt from the surface. By utilizing certain chemicals it kills the germs that reside there and reduces the risk of spreading infection.

So, to simplify, cleaning alone may not often sanitize.

For this reason, we do not consider EfferSan a traditional cleaner. EfferSan is multi-purpose disinfectant and sanitizer that can be used in restaurants, animal care facilities, janitorial applications, school settings or for safe and fast sanitizing at home.

When killing germs is a top priority, you need a product like EfferSan. It is EPA registered and proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria in under one minute.

Pennies Count: Finding an Affordable Spray Cleaner

Most of our customer's tend to be heavy users. In fact, the average EfferSan customer goes through about one bottle of 32 oz. mixed sanitizer a month at home. However, many animal shelters we talk to use a bottle of 32 oz. sanitizer each day, sometimes even more! This much use can add up quickly if you are buying a multi-purpose sanitizer off the store shelf.

In fact, in our research we found that for the same size bottle of cleaner, you can expect to pay around $.15/oz for a competitor's product and sometimes over $.50/oz for one of our environmentally friendly competitors products. For the same size bottle of EfferSan, at its highest recommended dilution, it only costs about $.03/oz.

We accomplish this cost savings through our effervescent tablets. Instead of putting our sanitizer in a single use spray bottle requiring you to dispose of it when you are done, we send you a container of concentrated tablets (reusable spray bottle sold separately).

The tablets are designed to be shelf stable until dissolved in water, once dissolved they are ready to sanitize and disinfect. Customers often tell us that they love how easy EfferSan is and have mentioned how having extra tablets on hand saves them additional trips to the store.

A cost effective sanitizing solution, in a reusable spray bottle, that saves you time (and gas) in the long run. What’s not to love?

Powerful but Safe Disinfecting

EfferSan's active ingredient is in the chlorine family, however EfferSan is formulated as a pure sanitizing and disinfecting agent. Unlike liquid bleach and other conventional cleaning products made from harsh chemicals, EfferSan has no additives or stabilizers. This makes it safer for people, pets, and the environment.

These characteristics give EfferSan some unique attributes. For one, at sanitizer strength (1 tablet per 3 gallons of water) EfferSan is no rinse. Simply spray it on the areas you want to sanitize and walk away, no need to come back later and rinse or wipe up afterwards.

But even though it’s a green cleaning product, that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. EfferSan has been shown to tackle tough viruses like Canine parvovirus, Staphylococcus aureus, and many more in as little as five minutes!

EfferSan Does More

This germ killing power makes EfferSan a powerful deodorizer too. It kills the germs that cause the smells, rather than masking it with added fragrances. We hear from a lot of customers that it gets rid of smells in kitchen garbage cans, litter boxes, and other places where smells “seep” in.

Plus, EfferSan also neutralizes the spores that cause mold and algae to grow, which treats the root of the problem instead of just masking it. At the office recently, we used EfferSan to deodorize a Tupperware lid that had a lingering mold smell after sitting in the fridge way too long (it happens to the best of us). After spraying the lid with EfferSan, letting it sit and cleaning it regularly, the smell was gone and we felt confident that the mold was too.

Additionally, did you know that EfferSan tablets can be used in the laundry to help remove stubborn odors? On whites or colors toss in a tablet to a pre-filled washer (2 minutes prior to adding laundry) and wash as you normally would. Can other sanitizers make a claim like that?

Best Multipurpose Cleaner

We hope you’ll agree that while EfferSan doesn’t appear on any of the “Top 10” lists or in the pages of Good Housekeeping, it definitely deserves a place atop the competition.

How many multi-purpose cleaners have you come across that are tough on germs but safe enough to be kept under the sink? A powerful disinfectant but at the same time eco-friendly? Saves you time, money, gas, and waste?

Thought so.

If you would like to learn more about EfferSan or have any questions, we recommend you start with our EfferSan Guide or our FAQ’s. We’ve developed these based on years of research and feedback but if they still don’t provide an answer, please feel free to contact us directly.