Nov 1, 2018

Getting Rid of Mold After a Pipe Leaks

Mold. It's not fun to have and it's even less fun to clean up. Mold relies on moisture to survive, so often cleaning it is not enough. If you have a sudden outbreak of it, you need to find where the moisture is coming from—whether it's a burst pipe, a slow leak, flooding, or a gradual pooling of liquid. 

Then once you've taken care of the source, you need to make sure you get rid of all the spores to prevent it from coming back. 

So we were thrilled to get this email from Rachel about her experience using EfferSan to get rid of mold in her home. Including these amazing Before & After pictures! 

Hey y’all,  Back in August, I walked into my bathroom and thought, How the heck did my wall get so dirty? I looked closer.


I took a picture and sent it to my landlord right away.

It turned out that there was a pipe leaking behind the wall. (Old houses and their fun surprises, right?) The pipe got fixed, but no one bothered to clean up the mold.  

I had originally bought a 24 pack of EfferSan to get rid of mildew on some vintage rag rugs and blankets, so I figured, why not mold on the wall?

I sprayed the mold with EfferSan. I watched with glee as the mold withered. (DIE! DIE! DIE!)

I gave it a few minutes to sink in, then grabbed an old toothbrush to scrub it in. When all the mold had been scrubbed and wiped away, I gave it another spray of EfferSan.

There was only one 3 x 3 foot patch of wall with visible mold, so after I scrubbed that clean, I sprayed EfferSan on the walls and ceiling to kill any spores or other grossness that might be hanging around. I washed my shower curtain and bath mats with EfferSan too.

A few days later there were a few small patches of mold that grew back. But I could feel that the wall still hadn’t fully dried yet. Thankfully, a friend was able to lend me a dehumidifier to help the wall dry faster.

So I just kept spraying and scrubbing any patches that showed up. I also started spraying the walls each morning and each night, just to be on the safe side.

After that, NOTHING! NO MOLD! Now it’s been over two months. 

Sorry for the novel! Thanks for making such a great product!

- Rachel

Getting rid of mold can be tricky—and expensive, so we were glad to hear that Rachel was able to get it under control with just EfferSan. 

She also sent this close up of her walls and you can see that EfferSan not only got rid of the mold, but also removed any staining. 

One tiny tablet, so many uses! EfferSan’s slogan is too true. From sanitizing cutting boards to disinfecting counters to deodorizing laundry, EfferSan is a multi-purpose powerhouse cleaner.

We get tons of regular, repeat orders for EfferSan each week, so we know our customers love it. But we’d love to hear you say it! Right now, EfferSan has no reviews. Which makes sense: we only recently added reviews to our site and EfferSan is a relatively new product to our site.

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