Apr 2, 2019

Why Did We Make the Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro?

For years we’ve asked for the opinions of our professional customer base and for years we’ve received positive reinforcement of our sanitizing system, the Sanitizer V. 

However, every once in a while we’d get an email or phone call that started like this:

“I love your product, but…”

It’s those “buts” that led us to evaluate and ultimately redesign our product in a way that better serves our entire customer base.

Without further ado...

The Wysiwash Sanitizer Pro Model

Wysiwash is excited to release its first sanitizing system with a focus on the professional user—the new and improved Sanitizer Pro. 

Along with the matchless features of our beloved flagship model, the Sanitizer V, the “Pro” adds all the added functionality, improved performance, and durability that kennel owners, turf managers, and janitorial engineers have long been asking for. 

Added features like:

New Detachable Spray Nozzle

We received a large amount of feedback from professional users about the quick connect adapter. Because of the Sanitizer-V’s design, you have to attach the quick connect adapter to your hose and then connect the sanitizer to this adapter. This works great if you are cleaning a small space and have a dedicated hose for your sanitizer as it provides a quick and easy way to remove your Sanitizer-V for draining.

Professional customers, however, often voiced concern that it was a hassle to fully remove the connector every time they wanted to access fresh water as the Sanitizer-V's quick connect, when not attached to the system, acted as a water stop. With the Sanitizer Pro's new detachable, flow-through, spray nozzle switching between using your hose for sanitizing and using it for fresh water is a snap.

Heavy Duty, Ergonomic Handle

Over time we’ve noticed that several of our more creative customers and vendors have taken the liberty of adding an aftermarket squeeze trigger to their unit. It makes sense that if you are having to hose down a large surface area or multiple kennels this would be a much easier solution than utilizing the simple, but potentially inconvenient, flow control valve available on the Sanitizer-V. As such, a handle with a squeeze trigger became a major focus of our redesign.

We want to ensure that the Wysiwash system you receive from the factory provides everything you need to do your job to the best of your ability. To that end, we developed the pro with a Danish designed, ergonomic grip and locking trigger for increased comfort and control. As an added benefit, the new handle is not only more user-friendly but also more durable, ensuring years of sustained use.

Since we removed the water stop in the quick connect, you will notice the Pro is capable of generating a higher level of water pressure. To manage this we added a pressure control valve that allows you to adjust the pressure to your specific needs. So, whether you need a strong blast for a small, focused area of mold and mildew -or- you need to cover a large area with a gentle mist, it’s a snap with the Pro’s redesigned handle and pressure controls.

Improved Connectors and Nozzle

Heavy users of our products have commented that, over time, the metal pieces—namely the connectors and nozzle—have begun to corrode and break. To combat this, we have redeveloped the connectors and nozzle on the Pro. To increase durability and reduce breakdown, we decided to utilize electroless nickel. Electroless nickel has been proven time and again for its wear resistance and ability to minimize corrosion. We are confident that this will mean less downtime for you and fewer returns to us.


If you are a professional user of Wysiwash (and, even if you aren’t) we hope this article provides some insight into the reasons we decided to release a Pro model. While we will still continue to support the Sanitizer-V (and have exciting plans for it in the future) it was clear that it was time for an upgrade. 

We set out to address what you, the user, had identified as a neglected area of the cleaning market. If part of your job description includes sanitizing large areas or quickly switching between cleaning functions, we are positive that the Pro will save you time and energy. In fact, we are so sure of this that we are offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on all Pro model sanitizers. Try it for yourself, if it doesn’t make your job easier, return it—no questions asked.