WYSIWASH Sanitizer Pro

Designed with feedback from kennel owners, turf managers, and janitorial engineers, the Sanitizer Pro adds functionality, increased performance, and improved durability to the already outstanding Wysiwash line of products. The Sanitizer Pro features a Danish-designed handle with an ergonomic grip and locking trigger, for increased comfort and control.

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Wysiwash Pro


I bought this system about 2 years ago after a puppy we bought came to us with a severe case of Giardia. Even though there was no proof it worked with Giardia, I strongly believe it helped us in not only our yard, but disinfecting the inside of the house. I highly recommend

April 11, 2020

Sniff N Play Pet Resort


Can’t wait for this item to be back in stock. Looking forward to trying out the Pro with the comfort grip handle!

April 9, 2020

Sanitizer Pro


This is the best kennel cleaning tool that I have ever used to date. We have concrete pens for 11 hounds and this makes sanitizing a breeze without the messy splashing of bleach all over your clothes. Great product.

July 18, 2019

If you have kennels this is a NEED


The reduction in time to clean dog runs and kennels with this is unmatched. You can completely sanitize at 10x10 in 5 minutes.

and washing travel kennels with adjustable spray nozzle has never been easier. Not to mention no longer having to mix and store liquid cleaners.

the redesigned handle makes it far more comfortable to use on large play yards

if you have client dogs or are a breeder this is a must have

June 21, 2019