Oct 1 2021 | Home & Pool

Winterize with Wysiwash

As summer winds down, the cool winds of fall bring a welcome change… But also some new chores—raking leaves, gutter cleaning, preparing garden beds, and bringing in plants and yard furniture. 

Luckily, your Wysiwash Sanitizer can help you prep for winter. Here are four of our favorite ways to use Wysiwash in autumn.  

Spray Your Porch and Patio 

While fall foliage is beautiful, the moisture in the blanket of leaves creates a perfect environment for mold. 

The mold from the leaves can also blow into your porch or patio. First you’ll want to sweep away any leaves or other debris. Then simply attach Wysiwash to your hose and spray down your patio or porch, and let it air dry. 

Use Wysiwash to Clean Up After Your Jack O’Lanterns 

One of fall’s favorite decorations packs a hidden punch: as they decay, your jack o'lanterns turn into moldy horrors! 

After you put your Halloween decorations in the compost, you can take care of any lingering mold spores with Wysiwash.  

Clean Your Patio Furniture Before You Put It Away

Storing your patio furniture indoors helps prolong its life by protecting it from the weight and moisture of snow. 

Before you put it away, spray it down with Wysiwash to clean it and kill any mold spores that may be sitting on its surface. You’ll also want to make sure your furniture is dry before you put it away. After 10 minutes, take a clean rag and wipe it down. 

Store Your Wysiwash Sanitizer Indoors

If you have a habit of forgetting your Wysiwash Sanitizer outside, now is the time to kick that habit. Think about your pipes for a second, if you let them freeze with water inside what happens? They burst.

This is true for your Wysiwash Sanitizer too. If left outside in freezing temperatures without being drained, the PVC and metal that makes up the Wysiwash Sanitizer can burst. 

(Note: To get the most life out of your Wysiwash Jacketed Caplets, they need to be stored in a temperature controlled environment year round.)

Bonus Tip: Winterize Your Hose and Spigot

Before the first freeze, you’ll want to prep your hose and spigot. 

For your hose, all you’ll need to do is detach it from the spigot then wrap it up. As you wrap it, any loose water that remains will drain out. 

To winterize your outdoor faucet or spigot, you’ll first need to turn off your outdoor waterline. Then, open the spigot fully and let the water run out. When the water has stopped, turn the faucet off tightly. 

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Use Wysiwash in the Fall? 

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