Wysiwash is the ideal product for schools and day care facilities looking for an eco-friendly and non-toxic* disinfectant. Wysiwash kills both viruses and bacteria, preventing the spread of illness through the student body.

Disinfect Large Areas

Wysiwash's Sanitizer-V is ideal for disinfecting large areas, such as playground equipment. It connects to a standard garden hose and is capable of disinfecting a playground in minutes, without scrubbing or mixing chemicals.

All Surface Disinfectant

Wysiwash is non-corrosive and will not damage plastics, wood, metals, artificial turf and concrete.* Use Wysiwash to disinfect toys, playground equipment, chairs, tables, benches, child play mats, sleeping mats, outdoor areas, sand boxes, mops, garbage cans and decks just to name a few.

*When used according to directions.


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