Playgrounds & Turf

Wysiwash is a necessity for any childcare facility — whether you are operating a commercial childcare center, an at home daycare, a church nursery or a school. The Wysiwash system offers a sanitizing solution for childcare facilities. Wysiwash saves time, money and facilitates a clean and safe environment by killing common germs. It has a variety of uses including the disinfection of toys, playground equipment, chairs, tables, benches, child play mats, sleeping mats, outdoor areas, sand boxes, mops, garbage cans and decks just to name a few. The sanitizing and cleaning applications are limitless.

How is Wysiwash Different?
We all know that, when used properly, bleach and other disinfecting products are very effective at killing germs, viruses and bacteria. But what happens when you or your employees do not follow the correct procedures?